Дуа Липа в купальнике готова к «перезагрузке»

Дуа Липа в купальнике готова к «перезагрузке»

The pop singer is enjoying a mini-sabbatical from her current 'Future Nostalgia' world tour.

Dua Lipa Looks Ready For The Beach!

As one of pop music’s biggest new shining lights, Dua Lipa has been extremely busy the past few years building up an impressive resume that already rivals some of the biggest names in the business.

The Grammy Award winner has gained the respect of some of the heavyweights in the music industry and she is still intent on going bigger and better with each passing year. But even with her heavy touring schedule for her latest album, Dua still manages to take time out to relax, with her fans used to seeing her hitting the beach and showing off her gorgeous body in the latest swimsuits. Clad in an impossibly tiny multi-colored bikini, Dua oozes sex appeal!

Dua Is The ‘It Girl’ That Never Quits!

At only 26 years old, Dua’s star is still on the rise, and in addition to maintaining a busy schedule inside and outside the music studio, she also proves that she knows how to juggle the pressures of the entertainment business by relaxing and resetting her life when necessary.

Her 81 million Instagram followers recently saw the star showcasing stunning looks in a mint green one-piece with cutouts that could stop traffic. Dua paired the lively hue with an even more colorful hot pink, long-sleeved flannel shirt, and a pink and white trucker hat. In the background, fans could see that she was surrounded by blue skies and rocks as she basked in the sun on a boat. Dua looks effortlessly fabulous even on her days off, and her love of bright colors shows here!

Dua Supports Emily Ratajkowski’s Swimsuit Line

Throwing up a bit of girl power and a show of solidarity, Dua let everyone know that her one-piece cutout swimsuit was courtesy of Inamorata, the swimwear collection from supermodel Emily Ratajkowski. The strapless number is definitely for women that want a bold swimsuit and are unafraid of showing off their curves, and the shiny texture resembles crushed velvet, and has become a hit for the collection and is just in time for the spring and summer seasons.

Dua Is At Your Service!

Dua has been up to many things lately, and among them has been her new lifestyle newsletter, Service95, where she shares cultural recommendations, stories, inspiring words, and viewpoints from voices around the world to cover the arts, fashion, politics, and much more. Dua is definitely doing her part as an ambassador that is using her influence to promote goodwill worldwide.


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