Кара Делевинь стала музой новых часов Dior

Кара Делевинь стала музой новых часов Dior

British model and actress Cara Delevingne joined the jewelry branch of French fashion house Dior last year. The brand tapped her once again as a muse to introduce its newest timepiece line Gem Dior by excellent jeweler Victoire De Castellane. The collection features seven wristwatches and eleven jewelry pieces, including a pendant dial, rings, and earrings.

The New Collection Is Elegant

The first thing that comes to mind immediately you see the wristwatch is Elegance. Each wristwatch frames Cara's slender wrists in a carefully curated geometric arrangement. Its sleek design reflects Gem Dior's embrace of the modern cuff-style timepieces that work as watches and bracelets.

Cara is wearing a diamond-encrusted white gold model with an onyx dial, infusing the onyx from the dial sparsely between each link. The model wears a bold malachite and diamond link chain with a pentagon-shaped dial in the last picture. She also wears matching bracelets, rings, and earrings made in the same uneven geometry cuffs.

The Clasp-Less Rose Gold Model

There's nothing more feminine than rose gold — it captures the essence of the divine feminine perfectly without taking away from the boss woman. "A tonal mix of pink mother-of-pearl, rose gold, ornamental stones, and diamonds define the organic form of the Gem Dior timepieces worn in this video.

The wristwatch's cuff has a clasp-less open end for easy detachment and removal.

Go For Day To Night At The Switch Of A Bracelet

Dior gives customers a sneak peek into the making of the Gem Dior timepieces, particularly the yellow gold, diamond, and white mother-of-pearl version with interchangeable bracelets. When you swipe through, you'll see more details focusing on various dials in ornamental stones and diamond pavé, each framed by glittering bezels.

The line taps inspiration from the 1970s elegance that defined sleek and sexy wristwatches. It also has interchangeable bracelets to switch from link chains to leather straps depending on your vibe — talk about going from day to night at the switch of a strap!

J'aime Dior

Victoire said the name Gem Dior is a nod to the French word for I love "J'aime," so it means I Love Dior in a back-handed way.

"I designed a collection of watches and jewelry that’s not figurative. The spirit of this collection is modern; it’s a style that I would describe as abstract-organic, an organized disruption that turned out to be a true technical challenge for our ateliers."

Watch the full campaign here.


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