Кейли Куоко со слезами на глазах говорит: «Наслаждайтесь падением»

Кейли Куоко со слезами на глазах говорит: «Наслаждайтесь падением»

Actress Kaley Cuoco is back in the news with her hit TV series The Flight Attendant returning in its second season. The 36-year-old also surprised her 7.2 million Instagram followers with news of a new man in her life.

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Teasing Her Personal Favorite Episode

Cuoco shared stills from Episode 5 of the series, saying it's a personal favorite and that fans should enjoy the downfall. Her cryptic message alluded to the dramatic spiral of the main character she plays, Cassie Bowden, and her numerous adventures. It also hints at more visits from her inner thoughts in her mind palace (you have to watch the series to understand or keep reading to find out.)

Fighting Off Drunk Cassie

Last month, she shared the first look at the trailer showing Cassie battling with her inner thoughts in the form of herself in what she calls a mind palace (Cassie spaces out and gets in her head, having conversations with herself to figure things out.)

It also teased possible growing tensions between the main character and her best friend — Ani Mouriadan, played by Zosia Mamet. She's also navigating life as a newly sober flight attendant, so there's so much more entertainment to look forward to despite Season One wrapping up its story with a tight bow.

Dishing On Her On/Off Screen Friendship With Mamet

Cuoco built a close bond with some of her castmates especially her on-screen bestfriend Zosia Mamet (Ani Mouriadan). Last month, the duo announced that they got matching tattoos to cement their friendship. The arm tattoos said Boop which appeared to be an inside joke between them because Cuoco wrote, "I booped you many years ago, I'm glad we made it official." The ladies were all smiles as they showed off their new ink on Instagram.

Last week Cuoco and Mamet appeared as guests on The Kelly Clarkson Show as part of their show's press promotion. They dished on their Boop tattoos and friendship.

Cuoco Introduces A New Man In Her Life

Swipe for a Surprise

Just a month after Cuoco revealed to Glamour magazine that she wouldn't get married ever again, she went Instagram official with her new beau — Tom Pelphrey (Ozark). The happy couple spent vacation time together cuddling and kissing.

"Life lately 'the sun breaks through the clouds, rays of gold slipping into my eyes and heart, rays of yellow to break the grey," she wrote. ]]>

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