Настя Люкин в кроп-топе поделилась «Настоящим разговором»

Настя Люкин в кроп-топе поделилась «Настоящим разговором»

Nastia Liukin recently revealed in a reflective Instagram post that she’d been having a bad week. Yet, that didn’t stop her from putting on a sexy and fashionable display worthy of a proper social media star. The 32-year-old Olympic gymnast turned influencer flashed her toned abs and legs in a white crop-top and matching shorts while getting contemplative in the lengthy caption.

Liukin might have had an uninspired week, but it obviously hadn’t affected her sense of style. See the post below.

'Completely Uninspired'

In the first photo, a mirror selfie, the former athlete can be seen wearing a white baseball cap, sneakers, and socks with her matchy-matchy top and shorts set. The second is a closer shot of her sexy outfit and super-fit physique, with a bouquet of flowers in the background. The final pic is a closeup of the flowers.

The caption begins, “Some real talk: the last week or so I have felt completely uninspired — to create, to brainstorm, to share. Being the perfectionist I am, I first found myself feeling frustrated and annoyed, but then after thinking a lot about it and talking to a sweet girlfriend at lunch today, I realized I wasn’t alone at all.”

'A Good Shake'

Liukin then reveals the most important thing she has learned from this little snag in her career and life: that it’s all right to take a break to do some soul-searching, get to the bottom of her issues, clear her head, and then start anew.

“Sometimes you need a good shake to feel like yourself again. If you have a dog, you know this is true. When they shake, they release stress and happy hormones!” she continues.

'Beauty In The Little Things'

In the caption, the Olympic gold medalist also contemplates living in the age of Instagram, in which “everything and everybody’s life (and feed) seems so picture perfect and curated.” She then leaves a reminder for her 1.1 million followers to “take a moment to pause and look for the beauty in the little things.”

At this point, she gives a shout-out to Dallas florist Bottega de Flores, which created the gorgeous floral arrangement spotlighted in her post.


Liukin ends her lengthy caption by saying, “Sit with yourself when you’re uncomfortable. Ask yourself questions, and learn about yourself in turn. Shake! Take a walk. You’ll come back to yourself 💗”

Happy to know she’s back and setting Instagram on fire again!


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