Познакомьтесь с собакой Зендаи, Полдень!

Познакомьтесь с собакой Зендаи, Полдень!

Zendaya is one of, if not the most prominent up-and-coming actresses in Hollywood, appearing in films such as Dune, the blockbuster Spider-man movies, Malcolm & Marie, and the critically acclaimed HBO series Euphoria. But when she's not showcasing her stunning looks on magazine covers and gracing screens worldwide, Zendaya spends her downtime with her black mini schnauzer, Noon.

Christmas Miracle!

It was the night before Christmas, quite literally, when Zendaya was blessed with the opportunity of living out all of our childhood dream of getting a puppy for Christmas, whom she named Noon. It isn't the first time Zendaya has named her dog after a time of the day, as she also named her previous dog Midnight. Midnight, a giant black schnauzer, was added to the Coleman family when Zendaya was just eight years old and played an integral part in her growing up.

However, Midnight sadly passed away in October 2015 when Zendaya was just 19. She posted a heartfelt message on Instagram commemorating how valuable he was to her, calling him 'one of the most loyal men in my life'. After two months of healing from the loss, Zendaya was surprised with Noon on Christmas Eve and formed an instantaneous connection, undoubtedly helped by the fact that Noon is the same breed Midnight was, as she fondly shared 'he's literally a mini Midnight…he peed on my bed 3 times last night, and I didn't care'.

All About Noon!

Noon lives the dream pet life traveling in private jets and nestled in designer bags, making sure he's there to support Zendaya whenever he can. Schnauzers are described as intelligent, kind, loyal, obedient, and quick to learn, all of which blend well with Zendaya's busy lifestyle.

Allowing Noon to be so present in Zendaya's work life that he's occasionally allowed on set! As mentioned before, Noon and Midnight are of the same breed, but regardless of the similarities and shared characteristics, they still have distinct personalities. Zendaya navigated ways to help Noon overcome his shyness of other dogs with the help of a dog whisperer via a sit-down with Vogue Mangazine; an activity Midnight had no trouble with.

What Lies Ahead?

After months of rumors, the young and fresh but not-so-recent relationship confirmation between Zendaya and her Spider-man co-star Tom Holland means that they will no longer just be sharing the screen, but loved ones as well, including their dogs. For those that don't already know, Tom has been a devoted dog-parent to a Stafford-shire Bull Terrier named Tessa since 2014, and they share some of Tom's special moments such as movie premiers, interviews, and press tours.

This newly formed family is precisely the kind of environment Noon needs to live out the rest of his dog years happily, and I'm sure we'll be hearing some more of him in the future!


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