Слухи MLB: 3 игрока Mets, которых скоро могут обменять

Слухи MLB: 3 игрока Mets, которых скоро могут обменять

Even though it's still early in the 2022 Major League Baseball season, the New York Mets already look like a firm candidate to compete for the World Series.

They have the best record in baseball, arguably the best rotation, and their offense has clicked more often than not. Then again, even good things could be improved, and the team from Flushing isn't the exception to that rule.

The Mets Could Make Some Moves

Steve Cohen has shown that he won't hesitate to spend big bucks or make bold moves if that's what it takes to lead the Mets to the top. He's set to pay quite a bit on taxes, yet he hasn't shut the door on adding even more talent for Buck Showalter's roster.

With that in mind, and taking into consideration that they have a pretty deep roster, let's take a look at the three players they could part ways with:

Dominic Smith

Dominic Smith has failed to live up to the expectations as a once-elite prospect. Also, they already have Mark Canha, Pete Alonso, and Robinson Cano for the LF, 1B, and DH spots, respectively.

Even so, Smith is quite young, is on a team-friendly contract, and is versatile enough to gauge plenty of interest around the Majors. His offense hasn't taken off just yet, but all he needs is more playing time and at-bats to finally prove what he's capable of.

J.D. Davis

Just like Smith, the Mets no longer need J.D. Davis. He was once the team's third baseman for Opening Day, yet Eduardo Escobar has outplayed him and looks like a much better player overall.

Also, just like Smith, there's no place for him on the LF or DH spots with Canha and Cano holding onto the spots, so there's not much use for him.

Even so, Davis is a solid hitter who can do a lot of damage regardless of the pitcher's handedness. His defense isn't quite there, but the universal DH spot gives him hope to find a new home by the end of the season.

Jeff McNeil

Jeff McNeil is the best player of the three we just mentioned and the most versatile. He can play on both sides of the outfield and cover the second base with great defensive instincts, yet his case isn't that different from Davis' or Smith's.

McNeil is talented enough to impact Showalter's team as a utility player, yet he's too good and too valuable not to be an everyday player. That could prompt multiple teams to try and reach out to him and get him on a team-friendly deal, so the Mets could at least be tempted to consider parting ways with him.


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