Внутри нового великолепного особняка звезды НБА Лонзо Болла в Лос-Анджелесе

Внутри нового великолепного особняка звезды НБА Лонзо Болла в Лос-Анджелесе

Lonzo Ball made his professional debut with the Los Angeles Lakers in 2017. He stayed with the Lakers for three years before moving on to the New Orleans Pelicans and the Chicago Bulls, where he plays currently. 

Lonzo has developed into an extremely valuable basketball player. He had a promising start with the Lakers, but a shoulder strain in 2017 was just the start of a prolonged run of injuries that would impact the rest of his basketball career.

Despite his injuries, Lonzo continues to live a lavish lifestyle and reportedly purchased a $7.25 million home in Los Angeles, California.

Keep scrolling to see inside the gigantic mansion. 

A Quiet Suburban 

According to Compass, the 6,195 square foot home is located in Sherman Oaks, California. Sherman Oaks is recognized for its quiet, suburban ambiance just outside Los Angeles' city limits.

However, despite its suburban character, the region is still packed with spectacular malls, adorable boutiques, and a diverse range of restaurants.

The new home offers lots of solitude and outdoor space for him to enjoy the gorgeous California weather. A large yard behind the house features a pool, poolside seats, an outdoor kitchen area, and even more seating surrounding a fire pit.

In addition, this spot offers a spectacular view of the city below, particularly at night when the city lights are turned on and the mountains beyond.

Breathtaking View Of The California Sunset

There is a long terrace on the second level of the house that inhabitants may access from their rooms to enjoy the breathtaking view or even catch a glimpse of the renowned California sunset.

Luxurious Bedrooms And Bathrooms

The house has six huge bedrooms and eight bathrooms. The master bedroom has ample space and connects to the back terrace, allowing one to see the breathtaking view beyond.

A large walk-in closet and bathroom are located adjacent to the bedroom. There is also plenty of storage space in the walk-in closet and enough room for a modest sitting area.

The bathroom, which is nearly as wide as the bedroom, has two separate vanity countertops with storage, a walk-in shower, and a typical pearly white bathtub that is well situated, taking in the breathtaking garden view.

The Kitchen Space

The many living rooms throughout the home on the first level provide just as much space. The kitchen also has a large amount of counter space, ideal for preparing lavish meals. 

There is also enough cabinet space to store a wide range of culinary tools of various sizes and the counter space. Although the kitchen island has a breakfast bar that seats at least four people, there is also a more formal and large dining area in another room.

Modern Interior Decor

The home is designed in a very modern style. As a result, residents and visitors are surprised by several contemporary characteristics as soon as they enter the house. For example, the clear encased stairs leading to the home's second story are incredible. 

The milky white walls on the first level of the house also contrast nicely with the pale brown hardwood floor that runs throughout the house on both floors. In addition, the black window trims and the single dark-painted wall in the main living area provide a subtle contrast to these light colors.

The kitchen also has a modern feel with shiny white worktops and sleek white cabinets. The bathrooms are not exempted, as they also have a modern touch. They are similarly designed with marble worktops, light grey cabinetry, and grey tile floors.

Lonzo is an NBA star who clearly enjoys a luxurious life. His new LA mansion, with its modern designs and beautiful interior, proves it. 


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